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As a brief introduction, please listen to this 3-minute overview.


Knowledge of the market is critical to effectively build a sound strategy.
This essentially boils down to a plan to consistently win long-term.
This sample research conducted to cover a 2024 hardware plan for the SE US market will provide you with a sense of this data-oriented approach.The intent is to incorporate this type of knowledge with vendor insights related to where they are winning (i.e. not simply healthcare but more pointedly 'home health') so that specific contacts can be engaged and target personas can be contacted with use-case based messaging.That is the core approach.Click link below to access sample research for 2024 SE US market.


As a value-add to working with select vendors, we put together 'verticalized-bite-sized' & 'use-case-based' mini demos to drive more deal registrations.After vendor final approval, the demo becomes available on a private link via and is only shared with clients & potential clients with whom we are in active conversations to uncover use cases & opportunities.To best understand that structured process, please visit the link above.

Please download demo instructions and visit the submit mini demo link to understand the user experience of recording each answer. To share any added demo relevant content, send an email to